Soldier - EP

by Paper Hands

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Hey all, this is the benefit EP we made in the effort to fight Breast Cancer! We like to write stories and make some statements in our songs, but we also like making statements of the anti-cancer variety. So here's our statement: each and every dollar you pay to this EP is going straight to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. However, we aren't going to force you to pay for this EP. The "name your price" mechanism allows you to get it for free too. Just know this isn't money for us to keep. It is going to a good cause, rather than random knick-knacks we'd usually spend our money on. Enjoy!

In memory of Nancy Tehan Deters (11/04/1935 - 04/06/2014)

Recorded in 406 Studios



released April 22, 2014

Album art by Edessa Adde



all rights reserved


Paper Hands Chicago, Illinois

Presumably the final alias of the guy who desires to make meaningful music for your ear holes.

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Track Name: The Turn
Well I hope you choke on his own spit,
Waste of space I'm sick of him
Being all up on you. I know he's feeling it too,
The tension that has all of us nervous.

Well I hope you get some bad blood from
His own drip please fall for it.
He is curly and dark. My world's falling apart.
He is what you have always wanted from a man,
Who'll soon take it all from you.

So slide it off so he can see more.
I hope he's so repulsed that it will make him turn.
Now you have nothing, you go on alone.
You may or may not run back. I'll be gone.

Well I hope you know that I'm alright.
Sometimes I just fantasize of him taking the noose.
I have nothing to lose. This is what I have always dreamt of.
It will crash down on you.
Track Name: Summer Hearts (Summer Here, Summer There)
I say I'm seemingly falling.
I feel I'm falling for her.
I can't find any words to describe this,
But she knows a few to paint how it ends.

I'm drinking Woodford Reserve and Colt 45.
She looks deep in my eyes and said,
"I'll never lie to you."

She says she's seemingly falling.
She says she's falling for him.
I can't find any words to describe this,
But she knows a few to paint how it ends.

I'm drinking Svedka and Gin, with Corona and lime.
I looked hard at the sky and screamed,
"She always lied to you."

She says she's seemingly scared to,
She says she's scared to give it up.
Her face says she's speechless no words left.
I know a mouthful that will abridge this.

I'm drinking Woodford Reserve and Colt 45,
I'm grabbing her thighs and said,
"I'd never lie to you."
Track Name: Be Good
Doctor says, "She's not doing so well."
Well, she was fine yesterday.
The mailroom just got more mundane.

Doctor says, "We give her three nights."
You can't do this to us now.
"Come visit, say your goodbyes."

Be good, love, be good for me.
May you fly well.
I hear you breathe deep on over me.
I want you to speak.
I'm weak in the knees.
Track Name: Jacqueline (SmoldyFace Remix)
Staring at the ceiling,
Wondering what had I failed.
Contemplating asking you
What I did to not do right.
It eats away at me until I break down.

Forget me not, lovely.
Don't think that this is about you.
I have not recieved a piece of you but
I gave you everything.

Feel the blood running through your veins.
At least then we know you have a heart.
Why should I move on?
Why should I keep breathing?

You can take my pride but I refuse to give up my head.
You can take my life away.
All my night had my eyes buried in this sweater.
I swear I will never fall in love again.