Our Basement Split

by Paper Hands / Peters Jacket

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Nic and I were buddies throughout high school and played music together on various occasions. Since we haven't played together in quite some time, we decided to shake it up by making a split single of our solo projects. My song is an oldie (where I come from) that was written when I was in high school. Naturally, I decided to revamp it. Nic's song "Until You Inhale" is his first ever release under the monicker Peter's Jacket. We hope you enjoy them both.


released January 13, 2015

Nic: I'd like to thank my family for their constant support of all my endeavors (music and otherwise) and for allowing me to take over the basement for over a week to write and record this song. I’d like to specifically thank my mother for conceiving the name "Peter's Jacket" so many years ago. I’d also like to thank Will Deters for suggesting to release a split. Without him I’d still be stuck with a small pile of audio tracks that somewhat resemble a demo.

Will: I would like to thank all of the people who have stuck around through the multiple line-up and name changes in my career. I wanna thank Mom and Dad for being so chill about letting me do what I love for a living. I must thank all of my friends for putting up with the emotional bullshit that makes the majority of my music. And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Nic Discepoli who has been right by me from the beginning. He handled my diva phase in such a graceful way and I appreciate that he was there to call me out on my shitty behavior at all times. He made me a better musician and I am always thankful to work with him.



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Paper Hands Chicago, Illinois

Presumably the final alias of the guy who desires to make meaningful music for your ear holes.

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Track Name: Paper Hands - Canadian Moose-Hunting Gone Wrong
You want to feel a part of the crowd
You want to be normal for your sake
You want to scream that you aren't messed up, you just can't find the words
And you want to be just like everyone else

You can't blame anyone but yourself
Where did you go wrong?
Let your feet take you down to the well
Let's hope that you can fly
For once in your life you can stop and think it all through
Just think it all through

"Self-inflicted" is a scar but not a brand
Lifestyles lead you by the rope
Six shooters tucked inside your dresser drawer
This pre-determined life will slow you down

Don't leave me here.
Track Name: Peters Jacket - Until You Inhale
heart shifting in the neon pink of the bar and my eyes are waking to your lipstick that used to stain my neck.

daylight was floating into your bedroom and your eyes were blinking before your teeth searched for my shoulder.

the memory will linger on your lipstick until you inhale to speak.