Kerouac // All You Need

by Paper Hands

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released April 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Paper Hands Chicago, Illinois

Presumably the final alias of the guy who desires to make meaningful music for your ear holes.

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Track Name: Kerouac
Don't even know who you are.
Don't even know who I am myself,
I'm still figuring that out.

Who invites someone so late at night to just hang out?
Are you feeling unwell?
Oh I might as well be too.

Well if you change your mind I will be in the backseat of my car somewhere in between my self worth and reality.

We meet, we embrace on your steps
Your olive skin radiates.
I find myself trembling hoping, waiting for
You to want to take me.
And that's just fine i wanna be a mess with you,
Say the wrong things and not be judged.
Getting a new summer heart with you.
Messing around is just fine with me.

Well if you change your mind I will be in the backseat of my car somewhere in between my self worth and reality.

There's not a care in the air as I graze your skin within the breasts and the waist. I'm such a waste. I'm remorseful of all the girls I've fucked because they've unknowingly invited me to screw them over. I use this song to compensate for my lack of self respect so I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Loving you for a moment,
Hurting you for a lifetime.
Track Name: All You Need (Summer Camp Cover)
She said “I never kissed a boy from Ohio”
And I’ve never met a girl from Denver
I’ve got a fling from California
But fuck it, this is college in September

When I kiss your lips
I know you’re not the one I’ll miss
Just trying to occupy the time
Capitalizing on a common kind

Dress rises up above
What fingertips cover up
Feeling out the stark creases
As I drift to another

No futon
To sit on
Whip through vinyl
‘Cause nothing’s final

No futon
To fuck on
I’ll meet you on the north lawn

Steve Madden and the soft sound of typing
Whisper their own fatalities
This never leaves the blanket
Trying too hard just to fake it
And it won’t go anywhere

Clouded by hypocrisy
Hair ties can’t hold back apathy
Hollowed words and two forced smiles
But it’ll fuel us for a while

Louie on lossless
Tea from the faucet
Shouting out do it
She made me do it